Century Pool Pump Motor 2 Horsepower 3450 RPM 230VAC


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Upgrade your pool with our high-performance Pool Pump Motor. With 2 Horsepower and 3450 RPM, it ensures efficient water circulation for crystal clear results. Operates at 230VAC for optimal power and longevity.

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Brand: Century


  • B855 2hp motor threaded shaft


The Century Pool Pump Motor is a high-performance solution designed to keep your pool water crystal clear. With a powerful 2 horsepower and a reliable 3450 RPM, this motor delivers optimal performance for your pool pump. It operates on a 230VAC power supply, ensuring efficient and consistent operation. The threaded shaft of the B855 motor allows for easy installation and compatibility with various pool pump systems. Trust Century, a trusted brand in the industry, to provide you with a durable and reliable pool pump motor that will keep your pool running smoothly all season long.

UPC: 663001194743

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