CGOLDENWALL Automatic Counter Machine Microcomputer Counting Instrument Blue


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Increase efficiency and accuracy with the CGOLDENWALL Automatic Counter Machine. Perfect for counting rice seeds, soybeans, corn, wheat, and more, this microcomputer counting instrument is a game-changer. With its sleek blue design and ability to count various shapes, it’s a must-have for any grain or vegetable farmer.



Color: Blue


  • [High Precision Automatic Counter] Automaticly count kinds of grain by setting number, when it reaches to the setting number the instrument stop work.
  • [Adjustable Counting Speed] Can adjust by the Speed Knob. Turn the knob clockwise, the grain particles go faster. Max counting speed reach1000pcs/3min.
  • [Microcomputer Automatic Control] This seeds counter control by the microcomputer chip, matches by membrane pressed key operation.
  • [Wide Application] This instrument is wildly used in institute of Agricultural Sciences, the Agriculture Universities, Colleges and Institutes, the Grain Department.
  • NOTE: ?This machine can’t count irregular shape particles. The Max size like corn, Min size like Wheat. Please contact us and tell us which items you plan to count with this machine, so that we can confirm whether it?s suitable for you!!!!!


The CGOLDENWALL Automatic Counter Machine Microcomputer Counting Instrument is a versatile tool for accurately counting various grains such as rice, soybean, corn, wheat, sunflower, and vegetables. With its high precision automatic counting feature, you can easily set the desired number and the instrument will automatically stop once the count is reached. The counting speed is adjustable, allowing you to control the grain particles’ speed with the Speed Knob. This microcomputer-controlled instrument is designed for ease of use, with a membrane pressed key operation. It finds wide application in agricultural institutes, universities, colleges, and grain departments. Please note that this machine is not suitable for counting irregularly shaped particles, and its counting range is from the size of corn to the size of wheat. For any inquiries about compatibility with specific items, please contact us for assistance.

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