COARBOR Shade Cloth Pergola Patio Cover Brown


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Create a cool and comfortable oasis in your outdoor space with COARBOR’s Shade Cloth Pergola Patio Cover. This heavy-duty mesh screen offers customizable shade and privacy, while remaining UV resistant. Upgrade your patio experience with this durable and stylish solution, available in a chic brown color.

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Color: Brown


  • DURABLE MATERIAL- Our Coarbor material is made with permeable 160 GSM material. It’s a high density polyethylene material that allows light in while still providing privacy if needed. This material is not waterproof.
  • UV PROTECTION- Our material provides up to 92% of UV blockage and can significantly reduce ambient air temperatures. During the summer, this will help on your energy costs as well as provide a cool, relaxing spot for you and your family to enjoy.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION- The way our material is woven, you can easily slip a zip tie between the fabric and attach it to fencing, shading or lattice. You could also easily use wood fasteners, as shown in the fourth photo on our listing. How you choose to attach this shading is endless making it simple! There is no wrong way to install this item!
  • IDEAL USES- The Coarbor shade sail is great for pergolas, canopies, porches and much more. They can also be used in businesses for fencing, temporary shading, and over gathering areas to provide shade in groups.
  • PLEASE NOTE- This is only a fabric roll. The edges are not hemmed. This allows you to cut into any shape for a pergola, shade sail, or privacy screen. If you’d like to have a shade sail with finished edges please feel free to contact us.


The COARBOR 24Ft x 44Ft Shade Cloth Pergola Patio Outdoor Cover is the perfect solution for creating a shaded and private outdoor space. Made with durable and permeable 160 GSM material, this shade cloth allows light in while still providing privacy. With up to 92% UV blockage, it also helps reduce ambient air temperatures, making it ideal for hot summer days. Installation is a breeze, as the fabric can be easily attached to fencing, shading, or lattice using zip ties or wood fasteners. Versatile and customizable, this shade cloth is great for pergolas, canopies, porches, and more. Please note that this is a fabric roll without hemmed edges, allowing you to cut it into any shape for a pergola, shade sail, or privacy screen. For a finished edge option, feel free to contact us.

UPC: 680327327662