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Coolest Products

Coolest Coffe Table Morphs Utility and Comfort with Cutting Edge Features - Black

Brand: Coolest Products

Color: Black


  • Quality Design - No matter what team you root for, or how expansive your collectibles collection, the Coolest Coffee table is your perfect fit. Neutral color schemes match perfectly no matter the theme or décor of your living space.
  • Power Up With Speed & Convenience - Two safe and secure AC power sockets and twin USB ports allow for quick and easy charging for multiple devices. Power up your laptop, phone, or game console, and then secure all the cords and cables in one of the hidden storage bins.
  • Convenience Comes To You - Your computer, tablet, remotes, controllers, snacks, or whatever else you need come to right to you. When you pop-up the mini table, you reveal a hidden storage compartment!. Lots of room that’s perfect for a blanket for snuggling on cooler nights, or to stash extra treats.
  • Dual Bluetooth Speakers - Connect your TV, gaming console, computer, or phone to out of sight, but never out of range speakers!. The Coolest Coffee Table puts the controls in your hands. Boost the volume to the max or flip channels with ease.
  • Enjoy A Cold One - Pop open a cold can of your choice of beverage. No running to the kitchen. Just open the fridge compartment of the Coolest Coffee Table to reveal your private stash.

EAN: 0651357586022