Cycle Electric 12V Generator with Regulator DGV-5000


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Upgrade your motorcycle’s electrical system with the Cycle Electric 12V Generator with Regulator DGV-5000. This powerful generator delivers reliable charging power for your battery, ensuring a smooth ride every time. Don’t settle for less, experience the difference with Cycle Electric.

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Brand: Cycle Electric


  • Cycle Electric Inc. manufacturers the model 65A 12V and model 61 6V generators to Harley-Davidson specifications for restoration purposes


The Cycle Electric 12V Generator with Regulator DGV-5000 is a top-quality product manufactured by Cycle Electric Inc. Designed to meet Harley-Davidson specifications for restoration purposes, this generator is available in both 12V and 6V models. With its reliable performance and precise engineering, this generator is the perfect choice for those looking to restore their Harley-Davidson to its original glory. Trust Cycle Electric to deliver exceptional quality and functionality for all your generator needs.

UPC: 600901218636

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