Cycle Electric Generator With Regulator DGV-5000L


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Upgrade your motorcycle’s electrical system with the Cycle Electric Generator With Regulator DGV-5000L. This high-quality generator ensures reliable power output, while the built-in regulator optimizes charging efficiency. Experience improved performance and peace of mind on the road with this essential accessory.

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Brand: Cycle Electric


  • Complete charging system for generator bikes


The Cycle Electric Generator With Regulator DGV-5000L is a reliable and efficient charging system designed specifically for generator bikes. With its powerful performance and precise voltage regulation, this product ensures a complete charging solution for your bike’s electrical needs. Whether you’re on a long ride or simply need to power up your devices, this generator with regulator offers exceptional functionality and peace of mind. Trust in the quality and expertise of Cycle Electric to keep you powered up and ready to ride.

UPC: 748264498965

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