DECORAPORT Smart Coffee Table, Smart Refrigerator Table with Cold Storage & Temperature Control Drawer, Wireless Charging, Double USB Interface, Type-C Charger and 110V Power Socket (65L, Black)

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Color: Black


  • 👏【SMART HOME】The ultimate tech coffee table with an easy to clean durable tempered glass top, no more coasters needed. Controllers at your fingertips. Set fridge temp, time, LED colors and brightness, volume, bluetooth, music playback, and more!
  • 👏【Wireless and USB Charging Station】A 10W wireless charger is installed on the counter of the smart table , which can provide surging power for your smart devices at time. There is also a dual USB socket on the back of the smart mini table to meet the needs of charging and using electronic devices.
  • 👏【Smart Power Socket】The electric coffee table is equipped with a power socket,which can provide users with electricity needs for various living room appliances. The power socket is equipped with a safety switch.When the household appliances use too much power and exceed the safety range,the safety switch will automatically cut off the power to aviod danger.
  • 👏【Refrigerated Storge Room】In the smart mini table, the two storage drawers are set as refrigerated storage drawers,which can store beer,coke,tea,fruits,snacks,etc. To provide users with more with more free and flexible storage space.
  • 👏【Suitable for Many Occasions】This coffee table is the perfect party accessory with dual bluetooth speakers and LED lighted underside for a quiet night in or your next party. With concise & fashionable apperance, it could easily get into different situations, such as home, business, hotel, cinema and so on.

Details: Smart Side TableMain Functions:cold storage & temperature control drawer, which retain freshness from 1-12 degree; wireless charging and double USB charger interfaces, free charging anytime. FEATURE INSTRUCTION -Refrigerator storage room, food partition storage. The side table is set as a fresh-keep cooling refrigerator, which can store beers,cake,tea,fruit,snacks and so on. You can enjoy your own partition and accurately adjust the temperature. -High efficiency compressor is equipped. The side table is equipped with mechanical direct cooling compressor, it can change the on/off time to adjust the store inside/outside temp. and volume of food. It has super store capacity and energy saving. -There are three power charge methods: Wireless chargers on the top; USB charger; Type C charger. Different chargers around the unit supply the power to your devices at any time. -110V power socket. The side table has a 110V power socket, to supply power to many kinds of appliances. The power socket has a separate safety switch, when the appliance input is too high and overload, the safety switch will cut off to avoid danger. -Removable door seal. The door seal can ensure the long-term sealing for the refrigerator. Removable seal can clean easily and reduce the consumption of enerny. NOTIFICATION: If the item arrived with any problems, pls feel free to contact us firstly. We will try our best to help you to resolve the problems. SPECIFICATION Main Frame Material:The outside part is galvanization iron plate, Inner side drawer is made of ABS materal Package :Corrugated Carton, foam, protective film Color :Black Item Length :26.3 In. Item Width : 27.8 In. Item Height : 18.1 In. Item Weight 61.8 Lbs.