Deep Sea DSE7310 Original Generator Controller Gray


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Experience seamless and hassle-free power generation with the DSE7310 Original Deep Sea Generator Controller. This reliable and advanced controller is specifically designed for diesel generators, making auto start and AMF control a breeze. Upgrade your power management system with this high-quality control module and enjoy peace of mind knowing your generator is in trusted hands.

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Brand: Deep Sea

Color: Gray


  • The DSE7310 Generator Controller is a feature packed Auto Start Control Module designed to control single diesel or gas gen-set applications.
  • Configurable inputs/outputs (9/8), Fuel usage monitor and low level alarms.
  • Flexible sender inputs, allows load options and dummy load requirements to be independently controlled.
  • Power monitoring (kW h, kV Ar, kV Ah, kV Ar h) 3-phase generator sensing.
  • Remote communications (RS232 & RS485), Configurable display languages, Power save mode.


The DSE7310 Original Deep Sea Generator Controller is a highly advanced and versatile Auto Start Control Module for diesel or gas gen-set applications. Designed by Deep Sea, a trusted brand in the industry, this controller offers a wide range of features to ensure efficient and reliable operation. With configurable inputs/outputs, fuel usage monitoring, and low level alarms, it provides comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities. The flexible sender inputs allow for independent control of load options and dummy load requirements. Additionally, the power monitoring feature enables accurate tracking of power usage. The DSE7310 also offers remote communication options, configurable display languages, and a power save mode for added convenience. With its robust functionality and user-friendly design, this generator controller is an essential component for any generator system.

UPC: 783761048688