DuroMax XP18HPE 440cc Gas Powered Engine Blue


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The DuroMax XP18HPE is a versatile gas-powered engine that combines convenience with power. With both recoil and electric start options, it offers ease of use for any application. This 440cc engine is also 50 state approved, making it a reliable choice for a range of projects.

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Brand: DuroMax

Color: Blue


  • 440cc D 4-stroke overhead valve design engine that has E-Z pull recoil start
  • Shaft is 1 in. In dia and 2-3/4 in. Long, while the end is 3/8 in. Size 24 unf – Drilled and tapped
  • 1.7 gal. Fuel tank which at half load can run over 3 hours on a single tank of fuel
  • EPA approved for safe use in mandated areas
  • Engine can handle everything you can throw at it


The DuroMax XP18HPE 440cc Recoil/Electric Start Gas Powered 50 State Approved, Multi-Use Engine is a versatile and powerful engine designed to handle any task you throw at it. With its 440cc D 4-stroke overhead valve design engine, starting is made easy with the E-Z pull recoil start or electric start options. The 1-inch diameter shaft is 2-3/4 inches long with a 3/8-inch size 24 unf drilled and tapped end, providing durability and compatibility for various applications. Equipped with a 1.7-gallon fuel tank, this engine can run over 3 hours on a single tank of fuel at half load. With EPA approval, this engine is safe to use in mandated areas. From small machinery to heavy-duty equipment, the DuroMax XP18HPE is the reliable and efficient engine to get the job done.

UPC: 811640014155

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