Ecosmart US Electric Tankless Pool Heater White


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Upgrade your pool with the EcoSmart SMART POOL 18 Electric Tankless Pool Heater. With its powerful 18kW heating capacity and self-modulating technology, it efficiently maintains the perfect temperature. Experience the convenience of a 240 Volt, 75 Amps heater that saves energy and eliminates the need for bulky tanks.


Brand: Ecosmart US

Color: White


  • Flow Activation
  • Ecosmart Pool Heaters are compact and easy to install for a new or existing pool
  • Set your temperature digitally to increments of 1-Degree. Set it and forget it.Required Wire:2 x 8 AWG
  • Compatible with Ecosmart Remote Control
  • Can be used as an alternative to or booster to heat pump. Phase – Single


The EcoSmart SMART POOL 18 Electric Tankless Pool Heater is an efficient and convenient solution for heating your pool. With a power output of 18kW and a voltage of 240, this heater can easily handle the demands of your pool. It features self-modulating technology, which ensures that the heater only uses the amount of energy necessary to reach and maintain your desired temperature. The flow activation feature ensures that the heater only operates when water is flowing, saving energy and reducing costs. Installing this heater is a breeze, making it suitable for new or existing pools. You can easily set your desired temperature digitally, with increments of 1-degree, and then forget about it. The heater is also compatible with the EcoSmart Remote Control for added convenience. It can be used as an alternative to or booster for a heat pump, making it versatile for different pool setups. With its compact design and white color, this EcoSmart pool heater is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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