ExGizmo Electric Water Heater Thermostat Swimming Pool Heater White(11KW 220V)


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Upgrade your swimming pool or hot tub with the ExGizmo Electric Water Heater. With a powerful 11KW and 220V, this thermostat-controlled heater is perfect for both above ground and inground pools. Easily adjust and monitor your water temperature with the digital display and touch screen control. Enjoy warm and inviting water all year round with this reliable and efficient pool and hot tub heater.

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Brand: ExGizmo

Color: White(11KW 220V)


  • Superior Thermostat: Power: 11KW; Input Voltage: AC 220V; 50/60HZ; Current: 50A; With Self-Checking Function: This would keep the security during operation. If the machine is in the absence of water, the LCD will display a code.Easy to Install: It needn’t spend too much time on installation. It is recommended that you connect the water heater with a pump of at least 1.5HP (1.1KW) power to connect the heater and the pool. Please notice the order of setup.
  • With Adjustable Temperature and LCD Display: The electric SPA heater will automatically control the temperature ranged from 71.6 °F-122 °F (22 °C-50 °C).With the clear LCD and indicators, the working status of the pool heater could be displayed. Through the humanized touching screen, It is convenient to observe the change of temperature on the LCD at any time, and you can adjust the setting value easily through the touching screen.
  • Intelligent Self-test and Automatic Modulation: can detect automatically to reach the set temperature but also supervises the operational status of the heater in case of water absence. This premium pool heater has an intelligent temperature sensor. It always maintains the temperature with the setting value as you need. When the water temperature drops, the thermostat will turn on the heating.
  • Application: It can be applied to multiple scenes in indoors and outdoors, such as swimming pools, SPA pools, and bathtubs.It can be used for a long time for adopting high-quality materials. The sensitive temperature sensor and the self-checking system make the heater machine much intelligent without temperature fluctuation. With this digital pool heater, you will enjoy a comfortable bath during your leisure time.
  • High-Quality Material: The inner tank of this electric swimming pool heater is made of stainless steel, durable and sturdy performance and the water quality is cleaner. Aluminum-plating zinc plate shell is sturdy and not easy to wear. This swimming pool thermostat adopts advanced aluminum-plating zinc plates, effectively avoiding the hurt of exposure to the sun.


The ExGizmo 11KW 220V Electric Water Heater Thermostat Swimming Pool Heater is designed to provide efficient and reliable heating for above ground and inground pools, as well as hot tubs. With its superior thermostat, this heater ensures optimum performance and safety during operation. It features an adjustable temperature range of 71.6 °F-122 °F (22 °C-50 °C) and a clear LCD display for easy monitoring. The intelligent self-test and automatic modulation functions ensure consistent temperature control and operational status supervision. Made with high-quality materials, including a stainless steel inner tank and an aluminum-plating zinc plate shell, this pool heater is durable and resistant to wear. Whether you’re enjoying a swim or a relaxing soak, this digital pool heater will provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

UPC: 619107725718