Extreme Consumer Products Universal Heavy Duty Automatic Lawnmower Boundary Wire – 1000′ Green


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Maximize the efficiency of your robotic lawnmower with this Universal Heavy Duty Automatic Lawnmower Boundary Wire. Made from 14 gauge thick professional-grade material, this 1000′ wire is designed to work seamlessly with all brands of robotic lawnmowers. Ensure a perfectly maintained lawn with this reliable and durable perimeter wire.


Brand: Extreme Consumer Products

Color: Green


  • 1000 Feet – 14 AWG Polyethylene Protected Premium Robotic Lawnmower Yard Boundary Wire
  • Universal – Fully Compatible with All Brands and Models of Automatic Lawnmower
  • Install Above Ground or Bury as Deep as 18″. This Perimeter Wire is Designed to Perform for Over 20 Years Out in the Elements
  • Available in Lengths Up to 2000′, in 500′ Increments
  • Manufactured in the USA Using Imported Parts


The Universal Heavy Duty Automatic Lawnmower Boundary Wire is a must-have for any robotic lawnmower owner. This 1000′ 14 gauge thick professional grade wire is designed to create a clear perimeter for your lawnmower, ensuring it stays within the designated area. Compatible with all brands and models, this wire can be easily installed above ground or buried up to 18″ deep. With its polyethylene protection, this wire is built to withstand the elements for over 20 years. Available in lengths up to 2000′, in 500′ increments, this boundary wire is manufactured in the USA using imported parts. Trust in the Extreme Consumer Products brand for a high-quality, reliable solution to keep your lawnmower within bounds.

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Dimensions 1000.0 cm