Eyedro Business 3-Phase Solar & Energy Monitor – EYEDRO5-BEW (Ethernet/WIFI)


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Monitor your business’s energy usage with the Eyedro Business 3-Phase Solar & Energy Monitor. Get a high-resolution view of your energy consumption through My.Eyedro.com, with no additional fees. Keep track of energy costs in real time and choose between Ethernet or WIFI connectivity. Optimize your energy efficiency with Eyedro5-BEW.

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Brand: Eyedro


  • DIRECTIONAL SENSING supports Solar / Net Metering. Shows power consumed vs. power generated.
  • CONNECTION OPTIONS – by WiFi or Ethernet
  • VIEW YOUR ENERGY USAGE DATA in Watt-Hours, Watts, Amps, Volts, Power Factor, $.
  • MONITOR MAINS, BRANCH CIRCUITS, NET METERING, SOLAR. Compatible with the Eyedro ESCLV family of sensors (5A – 3000A).
  • FULL SUITE OF PLUGINS ARE INCLUDED – MyEyedro is Eyedro’s cloud platform refined and updated over 10+ years! USAGE DATA IN WATTS, AMPS, VOLTS, PF, $. MyEyedro is powerful cloud based software that is included with your Eyedro hardware with no subscription fee.
  • TRACK ENERGY USAGE. Eyedro and MyEyedro work together to measure, analyze and store your electricity usage and cost information. MyEyedro presents your electricity data and real-time electricity usage in ways that are engaging, informative and easy to understand, allowing business owners and energy managers to monitor and track electricity across a range of applications.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES. In addition to seeing electricity usage and costs, and providing bill comparisons and estimates, Eyedro captures appliance start-up spikes and will notify you of a power or network failure. It’s designed and developed using the latest web technologies and is optimized for the smaller screen of mobile devices so you can view your electrical data wherever you are.
  • EASY NON-INVASIVE INSTALLATION with split core sensors. To get started, install the current sensors in the electrical panel (up to 200A/600V with included sensors, up to 3000A available). Connect to the internet via WiFi or wired Ethernet (10 ft. cable included).
  • REAL-TIME DATA graphs, furnishing you with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly consumption and costs, as well as estimates of what your current electrical bill will cost.
  • ARE YOU A LANDLORD OR OWN RENTAL UNITS? You can track your tenants’ electricity usage, create custom reports and even share real-time usage information with your tenants.


Monitor and manage your energy usage effortlessly with the Eyedro Business 3-Phase Solar & Energy Monitor. This advanced monitor supports solar/net metering, allowing you to track power consumed versus power generated. With connection options via WiFi or Ethernet, you can easily view your energy usage data in various units such as watt-hours, watts, amps, volts, power factor, and dollars. The monitor is compatible with Eyedro ESCLV sensors, making it suitable for monitoring mains, branch circuits, net metering, and solar energy. The included MyEyedro cloud platform provides a comprehensive suite of plugins, enabling you to analyze and store your electricity usage and cost information without any subscription fee. With real-time data graphs and special features like appliance start-up spike capture and power/network failure notifications, the Eyedro Business 3-Phase Solar & Energy Monitor is designed to meet the needs of business owners and energy managers. Installation is non-invasive and easy, and you can conveniently access your electrical data from anywhere using the optimized mobile-friendly interface. Whether you’re a business owner, landlord, or tenant, this monitor empowers you to monitor, track, and optimize your energy usage.

UPC: 183968000807

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