Fiamma Marina CV DI – 1 Group Commercial Espresso Machine Red & Stainless Steel


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Introducing the Fiamma Marina CV DI. Elevate your coffee game with this innovative 1-group commercial espresso machine. With its fully portable design and built-in water tank, enjoy the perfect espresso experience anywhere you go.


Brand: Fiamma

Color: Red & Stainless Steel


  • Professional 57mm coffee group with Semi-Automatic Volumetric coffee delivery with 4 cup settings
  • Pour-in reservoir with 3 liter Copper Boiler
  • Swivel steam wand and hot water dispenser
  • Mounted pressure gauge and stainless steel & painted metal frame
  • Volt 110 with single and double 57mm Porta filters


The Fiamma Marina CV DI – 1 Group Commercial Espresso Machine is a top-of-the-line solution for businesses seeking a portable coffee-making option. Featuring a professional 57mm coffee group with semi-automatic volumetric coffee delivery and 4 cup settings, this machine ensures precise and consistent results with every brew. The built-in 3-liter copper boiler and swivel steam wand provide the perfect tools for creating rich espressos and creamy cappuccinos. With a sleek red and stainless steel design, mounted pressure gauge, and durable frame, this espresso machine combines style and functionality seamlessly. Perfect for coffee shops, restaurants, or catering services, the Fiamma Marina CV DI is a reliable choice for delivering exceptional espresso beverages.

UPC: 725182900947

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Weight 67.0 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 15.0 × 22.0 cm