Forestry Suppliers 85170-2 Firefighting Pump, 25-Gallon


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Introducing the Forestry Suppliers Firefighting Pump! With a generous 25-gallon capacity, this powerful pump is ready to tackle any fire. Designed for forestry professionals, this pump is a must-have for rapid response and efficient firefighting.

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Brand: Forestry Suppliers


  • The exclusive design of these fire pumps combines the simplicity of a manual pump with the


The Forestry Suppliers Firefighting Pump, 25-Gallon, is a powerful and efficient tool designed to combat fires effectively. This firefighting pump by Forestry Suppliers is equipped with an exclusive design that combines the simplicity of a manual pump with advanced functionality. With a 25-gallon capacity, this pump provides ample water supply to tackle fires of various sizes. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability, making it an essential tool for firefighters and emergency responders. Whether for professional use or personal safety, the Forestry Suppliers Firefighting Pump is a dependable choice to combat fires efficiently and effectively.

UPC: 758182226519