Garrett AT Max + AT Pro-Pointer Z-Lynk + Camo Pouch Bundle – Camo


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Get the ultimate metal detecting bundle with the Garrett at Max, at Pro-Pointer Z-Lynk, and Camo Pouch. Unleash your treasure hunting potential with this powerful combination. Don’t miss out, click here to discover your next big find.

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Brand: Garrett

Color: Camo


The Garrett AT Max + AT Pro-Pointer Z-Lynk + Camo Pouch Bundle is a comprehensive package that includes everything you need for successful metal detecting adventures. The AT Max metal detector, designed by Garrett, is renowned for its exceptional performance and advanced features. With its all-terrain capabilities, it can be used in any environment, from wet conditions to dry, dusty terrains. The AT Pro-Pointer Z-Lynk adds to the convenience, allowing for precise pinpointing of targets. The camo pouch not only complements the overall look but also provides a practical solution for carrying essential accessories. With this bundle, you’ll have the ultimate tools to uncover hidden treasures with ease.

UPC: 786156006232

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