Garrett Axiom Metal Detector with 13″x11″ DD Coil, 11″x7″ Mono Coil and Wireless MS-3 Headphones Gray


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Discover hidden treasures with the Garrett Axiom Metal Detector. Equipped with a 13″x11″ DD coil and an 11″x7″ mono coil, this advanced detector offers superior depth and accuracy. Plus, enjoy the convenience of wireless MS-3 headphones for a truly immersive detecting experience.

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Brand: Garrett

Color: Gray


  • ULTRA-PULSE Technology
  • Terra-Scan and Iron Check Features
  • 13” x 11” DD searchcoil
  • 11” x 7” Mono Searchcoil
  • Garrett’s MS-3 Wireless headphones
  • Axiom Battery Booster Pack
  • Soft Travel Pack
  • Lightest Detector in its Class 4.2lbs (1.9kg) – 4.7lbs (2.1kg)
  • Collapses to 25 inches (63.5cm)


The Garrett Axiom Metal Detector is a powerful and versatile tool for treasure hunting enthusiasts. Equipped with ULTRA-PULSE technology, it offers exceptional depth and sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the smallest metallic objects. The Terra-Scan and Iron Check features further enhance your detecting experience by providing accurate target identification and discrimination. With the included 13″x11″ DD searchcoil and 11″x7″ Mono searchcoil, you have the flexibility to search in a variety of terrains. The wireless MS-3 headphones ensure clear and convenient audio feedback. Additionally, the Axiom Battery Booster Pack and soft travel pack provide extended detecting time and easy portability. Weighing just 4.2lbs to 4.7lbs and collapsing to 25 inches, this metal detector is the lightest in its class, making it comfortable to carry and transport. Uncover hidden treasures with the Garrett Axiom Metal Detector.

UPC: 786156006409

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Weight 11.38 kg
Dimensions 27.165354303 × 7.086614166 × 13.385826758 cm