GE PROFILE Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Steam Frother | Italian-Made 15 Bar Pump | 15 Grind Size Levels | WiFi Connected | Black


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Elevate your coffee game with the GE Profile Espresso Machine. This Italian-made beauty boasts a 15 Bar Pump for rich, balanced extractions. Adjust your grind size with 15 levels and customize drinks with its WiFi connectivity. Experience barista-level coffee at home!



Color: Black


  • WIFI CONNECTED WITH DRINK CUSTOMIZATION TECHNOLOGY – Equip your kitchen with a smart espresso machine that syncs with the SmartHQ app, allowing users to customize drink preferences by volume and strength, while also enabling software updates.
  • ITALIAN MADE, 15 BAR PUMP – This bar pump slowly increases pump rated pressure to draw out maximum flavor, giving you a beautifully balanced cup of espresso.
  • EXTRA LARGE WATER RESERVOIR – Enjoy more drinks with fewer refills thanks to a 95-ounce water reservoir. Easily remove it using the built-in handle to refill and clean it with ease.
  • STEAM FROTHER – Get a variety of microfoam textures and thicknesses for lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos and more with a built-in steam wand that rotates in a 180- degree motion for control and convenience.
  • BUILT-IN CONICAL BURR GRINDER & ADJUSTABLE GRIND SIZE – Get the perfect taste with any bean roast thanks to a conical burr grinder that delivers an exact amount of fresh coffee grounds directly into the portafilter. Plus, control your grind size with 15 levels ranging from coarsest to finest.


Enhance your morning routine with the GE Profile Semi Automatic Espresso Machine in sleek black. This Italian-made machine boasts a 15-bar pump for optimal espresso extraction, ensuring a perfectly balanced cup every time. Its WiFi connectivity allows for convenient drink customization via the SmartHQ app, while the 95-ounce water reservoir minimizes the need for frequent refills. The built-in steam frother provides versatility in creating various foam textures, and the conical burr grinder with 15 adjustable grind size levels guarantees a tailored coffee experience. Elevate your at-home coffee brewing with this sophisticated and user-friendly espresso machine from GE PROFILE.

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