Generac 6920 Trash Pump G-Force Engine 2″ Orange


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The Generac 6920 Trash Pump is a powerful and reliable solution for removing debris and water from your property. With its G-Force engine and 2″ intake and discharge ports, it offers superior performance and efficiency. Designed in an eye-catching orange color, this pump is a must-have for any heavy-duty pumping task.

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Brand: Generac

Color: Orange


  • Durable 1″ frame to withstand the harsh environment
  • Powerful Generac G-Force engine with low-oil shut down
  • Large 3-gallon fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge delivers approximately 5 hours runtime
  • Onboard instructions with icons of key touch points make this pump easy to use
  • Easy prime custom funnel design with tethered priming cap for quick and easy priming
  • Power source type: corded-electric


The Generac 6920 Trash Pump is a reliable and powerful tool designed to handle tough pumping tasks. With its durable 1″ frame, this pump is built to withstand harsh environments, ensuring long-lasting performance. Powered by a Generac G-Force engine with low-oil shut down, it delivers reliable power and peace of mind. The large 3-gallon fuel tank, equipped with an incorporated fuel gauge, provides approximately 5 hours of runtime, minimizing the need for frequent refueling. With onboard instructions featuring icons of key touch points, this pump is incredibly easy to use. The easy prime custom funnel design with a tethered priming cap allows for quick and effortless priming. Whether you’re dealing with water, debris, or other liquids, this corded-electric trash pump is up to the task.

UPC: 696471069204

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