Generic 17.5″ Electric Lawn Mower – 15 Amp


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Upgrade your lawn care game with our 17.5″ electric lawn mower. This powerful 15 Amp machine effortlessly tackles any terrain, giving you a perfectly manicured yard in no time. Say goodbye to gas and hello to a cleaner, quieter mowing experience.

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Brand: Generic


  • Mulch or rear bag operation (bag included; when bag is removed, mower becomes a mulcher)
  • Deck width: 17.5″
  • Cutting width: 15-3/4″
  • Single-lever, 6-position cut height adjustment; 1″ – 3″
  • Durable, steel bale handle


Maintain a pristine lawn effortlessly with the 17.5″ Electric Lawn Mower by Generic. This powerful mower features a 15 Amp motor and offers versatile functionality with its mulch or rear bag operation (bag included). The 17.5″ deck width and 15-3/4″ cutting width ensure efficient coverage, while the single-lever, 6-position cut height adjustment allows for precise customization between 1″ and 3″. Built with a durable steel bale handle, this electric lawn mower combines durability and convenience for a seamless gardening experience.

UPC: 822733325638

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