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Effortlessly clean your pool with the Aqua Bot Pool Cleaner. This advanced robotic cleaner tackles dirt, debris, and algae, leaving your pool crystal clear and inviting. Say goodbye to manual scrubbing and hello to more time enjoying your pristine pool.

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Brand: Generic


  • The latest pool cleaner by Aquabot, the most well-known name in Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner Technology, providing the most unique and efficient Robotic Cleaners on the market – at the lowest possible price!
  • Features a unique Drive & Pump Motor Propulsion System with AquaSmart Gyro Navigation. 4D Microfiber Filter with “Full Filter Bag Indicator” filters 4,800 GPH.


The Aqua Bot Pool Cleaner, brought to you by the trusted brand Generic, is the latest innovation in robotic swimming pool cleaner technology. With its unique Drive & Pump Motor Propulsion System and AquaSmart Gyro Navigation, this cleaner offers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. Equipped with a 4D Microfiber Filter and a “Full Filter Bag Indicator,” it can filter an impressive 4,800 gallons per hour. Get the best in pool cleaning technology at the most affordable price with the Aqua Bot Pool Cleaner.

UPC: 750258750218

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Dimensions 24.0 × 12.0 × 12.0 cm