Generic Polycarbonate Clear Sheets (Pack of 6) 24” x 72” x 14mm – All-Weather Garden/Greenhouse Covering


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Get the ultimate protection for your outdoor garden and greenhouse with this pack of 6 clear polycarbonate sheets. Each sheet measures 24” x 72” and is 14 mm thick, providing superior strength and impact resistance. Made from cold-flexible and shatterproof material, these sheets are perfect for all-weather conditions. Trust Billion Resources for your covering needs.

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Brand: Generic

Color: Clear


  • Best A quality polycarbonate sheets. Good for greenhouse, patio roofing, etc


The Pack of 6 Sheets 24” x 72” x 14 mm (1/2) Polycarbonate MULTIWALL Clear Sheets from Generic is an excellent choice for all-weather outdoor garden and greenhouse covering. Made with the highest quality polycarbonate material, these sheets are cold-flexible, strong impact-resistant, and shatterproof, ensuring long-lasting durability. Their clear color allows for optimal light transmission, creating a perfect environment for plants and crops. Whether used for greenhouse projects, patio roofing, or any other application, these sheets provide reliable protection and excellent performance. Trust Billion Resources for your gardening and construction needs.

UPC: 643570184017