Giosolar Hybrid Kit 1000W Solar Panel Wind Turbine Home Off-Grid System 12V Battery Charger: 400W Wind Turbine + 600W Solar Panel + Charge Controller + 2KW Inverter


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Power up your off-grid home with our 1000W Solar Panel Wind Turbine Hybrid Kit. This all-inclusive system includes a 400W Wind Turbine Generator, 600W Mono Solar Panel, Hybrid Charge Controller, and a 2000W Peak 4000W 12V Inverter. Charge your 12V battery with ease and harness the power of both wind and solar energy. Take control of your energy generation today!


Brand: Giosolar

Color: with 2KW inverter


  • The hybrid Solar & Wind Power off system Kit is a good choice for bothdential & commercial use, combination of solar and wind energy, Solving the pure solar panel system low efficiency problem in low temperature and strong you to generate power for remote areas in all seasons and save energy.
  • 120W monocrystalline solar panels, Upgraded from 3 Grid Lines to 5 Grid Lines, which is the secret of better performance. High modules conversion efficiency up to 21%, Advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet laminations enhance cell performance and provide a long service life. withstand high wind and snow loads.
  • The 400W wind turbine generator has 6 blades, higher efficiency.Starting wind speed can be as low as 2.5m/s, more powerful.Easy to assemble,Low noise,Hermetically sealed to ensure dust and rain can not intrude into the interior of wind turbine.
  • Great for all off-grid installations on house,home,roof,motorhome,garage,garden,cabin,shed,boats ect.also can be used for any stand-alone off-grid solar power system with batteries, such as a household solar system or solar lighting.
  • Comes with 2000w Pure sine wave inverter peak 4000w power converter, faster and more sensitive reaction. US Standard DC 12V to AC 120V Single Phase(for EU Standard DC 12V to AC 240V inverter please contact us)


The Giosolar 1000W Solar Panel Wind Turbine Hybrid Kit is the perfect solution for generating power in remote areas, both for residential and commercial use. This kit combines the benefits of solar and wind energy, ensuring reliable power generation in all seasons. The kit includes a 400W wind turbine generator with 6 blades for higher efficiency, even at low wind speeds. The 120W monocrystalline solar panels feature advanced encapsulation material for enhanced performance and a long service life. With the included 2000W peak 4000W inverter, you can easily convert the generated power for use in your home, motorhome, garage, garden, cabin, boat, and more. Upgrade to this hybrid kit and enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy.

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