Gowegroup Solar Water Pump Gowe 500watts Swimming Pool Pump 72V


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Upgrade your pool experience with the Gowe 500watts Solar Swimming Pool Pump. This powerful 72V pump is designed to efficiently circulate water and keep your pool clean and clear. Say goodbye to high electricity bills and enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly, solar-powered pool maintenance.

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Brand: Gowegroup Solar water pump


The Gowe 500watts Solar Swimming Pool Pump, 72V, is a high-quality and efficient solution for keeping your pool clean and well-maintained. With its powerful 500watts motor, this pump ensures optimal circulation of water, effectively filtering out debris and keeping the water crystal clear. The 72V power supply allows for reliable and consistent operation, even in areas with limited sunlight. Designed by Gowegroup, a trusted brand in solar water pumps, this product is durable and built to last. Invest in the Gowe 500watts Solar Swimming Pool Pump and enjoy a hassle-free swimming experience all season long.

UPC: 519256106669