Hayward HWS250 High Wind Stack Outdoor Draft Hood Replacement for Hayward H250 H-Series 250K-BTU Millivolt Gas Heater

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Upgrade your Hayward H250 gas heater with the Hayward HWS250 High Wind Stack Outdoor Draft Hood Replacement. Designed specifically for high wind conditions, this replacement ensures optimal performance. Don’t let wind disrupt your pool heating experience – get the ultimate solution today!

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Brand: Hayward


  • High wind stack outdoor draft hood
  • Fits Hayward H-Series millivolt 250,000-BTU gas heater model H250
  • Allows for proper ventilation of the heaters exhaust fumes


The Hayward HWS250 High Wind Stack Outdoor Draft Hood is the perfect replacement for your Hayward H-Series 250K-BTU Millivolt Gas Heater. Designed by Hayward, a trusted brand in pool equipment, this draft hood ensures proper ventilation of the heater’s exhaust fumes. It fits seamlessly onto the Hayward H250 model, allowing for efficient and safe operation even in high wind conditions. With its high-quality construction and easy installation, the Hayward HWS250 is an essential accessory for your gas heater.

UPC: 610377282147

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