HELOU Manual Garden Lawn Mower with 9 Cutting Heights – 50cm Cutting Width – Collection Box


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Introducing the HELOU Manual Garden Lawn Mower: the perfect tool for effortless lawn maintenance. With its manual hand push design, you’ll enjoy a quiet and eco-friendly mowing experience. Equipped with 9 cutting heights, a 50cm cutting width, and a convenient collection box, this mower guarantees a precise and efficient cut every time.

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Brand: HELOU


  • ✂ Manual lawn mower, which can make clean, precise and neat mowing in the garden and edge, without engine noise, so it is very suitable for mowing on Sundays and holidays, without worrying about neighbors
  • ✂ Cutting height can be adjusted (9 gears), ergonomic handlebar height can be adjusted, with non-slip rubber coating, can provide excellent working comfort, four wheels can be used easily, even on rugged terrain Have higher stability
  • ✂ Energy-saving: manual lawn mower, silent, no fuel or electricity, automatic sharpening when pushing to cut (the hob and the lower blade generate moderate friction), maintain the sharpest possible, strong steel blade, long service life
  • ✂ Grass collecting bag: When you mow the grass, the cut grass will automatically enter the grass collecting bag, eliminating the need to clean the grass after cutting the grass, making the work easier
  • ✂ The lawn mower left a deep impression! Professional lawn mowers can solve a variety of weeding problems, and can be used in villas, courtyards, communities, lawn campuses, parks and other areas. It is a great choice for garden pruning


The HELOU Manual Garden Lawn Mower is the perfect tool for achieving precise and neat mowing in your garden or edge. With its manual operation, you can enjoy a quiet mowing experience without disturbing your neighbors. The cutting height can be easily adjusted with 9 gears, and the ergonomic handlebar can be adjusted to your preferred height, providing excellent working comfort. The non-slip rubber coating ensures a secure grip, and the four wheels offer stability even on rugged terrain. This energy-saving mower requires no fuel or electricity, and its strong steel blade automatically sharpens as you push, ensuring a sharp and clean cut every time. The grass collecting bag conveniently collects cut grass, eliminating the need for post-mowing cleanup. Suitable for a variety of outdoor areas, including villas, courtyards, parks, and more, the HELOU Manual Garden Lawn Mower is the ideal choice for all your garden pruning needs.

UPC: 630330404119