Household Products Cradle Chair


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Discover the ultimate relaxation with our versatile Household Products Single Cradle Chair. Perfect for any space, from your park to your balcony, this outdoor hanging chair will transport you to a state of bliss. Crafted with comfort in mind, our wicker chair is a must-have for those seeking a cozy and stylish addition to their home.

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Brand: Household Products


  • 1. The steel composite spring reduces the downward impulse and increases the comfort of the gondola.
  • 2. Special PE rattan, good elasticity, wrinkle and abrasion resistance, good color fastness, sun resistance and not easy to fade.
  • 3. Excellent pure craftsmanship and multiple superb craftsmanship create high-quality products.
  • 4. Each bracket tube adopts a special steel toughened iron tube, which has more toughness and service life
  • 5. Using high-quality hardened iron pipes, a stable round base, and a triangular design that is stable and more durable.


The Household Products Single Cradle Chair is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Whether you want to relax in the park, on your balcony, or in your backyard, this hanging chair provides ultimate comfort and style. With a steel composite spring, it reduces downward impulse and enhances the overall comfort of the chair. The chair is crafted with special PE rattan, which offers excellent elasticity, wrinkle and abrasion resistance, and good color fastness. It is designed to withstand sun exposure without fading. The chair’s pure craftsmanship and superb construction ensure a high-quality product that will last for years. The sturdy steel toughened iron tube frame and stable round base provide added durability and stability. Upgrade your outdoor seating experience with the Household Products Single Cradle Chair.

UPC: 687282083336