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Keep your milk perfectly chilled with the Jura Cool Control Milk Cooler designed for the Jura Giga coffee machines. With an ample 85 oz capacity and milk level indicator, enjoy consistently delicious drinks. Elevate your coffee experience with this sleek and practical accessory.

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Brand: Jura

Color: Black


  • Ideal Use of Space: The slim and elegant design of the Cool Control allows it to be used in locations where space is limited. The milk cooler’s elongated shape means it can easily be fitted into small kitchens and break rooms. This means that trend specialties with milk and light, frothy milk foam can also be enjoyed in the workplace
  • Elegant Design: The Cool Control reflects the classic JURA look. Premium materials, a cover made of high-quality 0.05 in thick stainless steel and elegant ventilation slots accentuate the Cool Control’s design. With its clean, minimalist lines, the Cool Control 85 oz harmonizes with any JURA automatic coffee machine from the X and GIGA X lines
  • Maximum Convenience: The Cool Control is easy to operate and offers maximum convenience. Milk can be added quickly and easily without needing to remove the milk container. The digital temperature display and precisely fitting cover ensure easy handling. The integrated Peltier cooling element ensures that the milk is kept at a temperature of 39 degree F, providing the optimum conditions for perfect specialty coffees with milk
  • Perfect Accessory: The 85 oz holding capacity of the stainless steel milk container enables a significant number of preparations of coffee specialties with milk. The wireless communication* between the Cool Control and the automatic coffee machine and the integrated level indicator ensure that the user is always reminded when the cooler needs to be filled with milk. It also comes with a locking mechanism to protect it from manipulation
  • Lock Mechanism: It also comes with a locking mechanism to protect it from manipulation


The Jura Cool Control Milk Cooler with Milk Level (85 oz) for the Giga series combines sleek design with practical convenience. Its slim profile fits easily into small spaces, making it ideal for both home kitchens and office break rooms. The elegant stainless steel cover and ventilation slots complement any JURA automatic coffee machine from the X and GIGA X lines. With a generous 85 oz capacity, this milk cooler ensures plenty of frothy milk foam for your favorite coffee drinks. The integrated Peltier cooling element maintains milk at the perfect 39°F, guaranteeing consistently delicious specialty coffees. Plus, the wireless communication and level indicator make it easy to know when it’s time to refill.

UPC: 794151411777

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