KL KEY LANDER Key Lander BRACKETLESS Hot Tub Spa Pump – Replace OEM Models# 6500-343, 6500-347, 6500-355, 6500-359, 6500-092, 6500-094, 6500-095, 6500-096, 48WUA2002C-II (NF)


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Upgrade your hot tub spa pump with the Key Lander BRACKETLESS (NO Base) model. Designed to replace multiple OEM models, this pump is the perfect replacement for your worn-out unit. With its powerful performance and easy installation, enjoy a rejuvenating spa experience like never before.

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  • 2 HP,Two Speed BRACKETLESS (NO BASE) pump- ONLY replaces OEM Model # 6500-343; 6500-347; 6500-355; 6500-359; 6500-092; 6500-094; 6500-095; 6500-096;
  • 48 Frame Motor(No Base) ,10A (High Speed), 3A (Low Speed); 230V/60Hz input; UL, CUL, ETL Certified
  • Thermal Protector from Texas Instruments; Copper winding Motor for cooler operation;
  • Durable capacitor &Viton Seal- Resistant to High/Low temperature;
  • Anti-Creep Bearing


The Key Lander BRACKETLESS (NO Base) Hot Tub Spa Pump is a top-quality replacement for various OEM models, including 6500-343, 6500-347, 6500-355, 6500-359, 6500-092, 6500-094, 6500-095, 6500-096, and 48WUA2002C-II (NF). With a powerful 2 HP, two-speed design, this pump ensures optimal performance. It features a 48 frame motor with no base, providing a compact and efficient solution. The pump operates at 10A (High Speed) and 3A (Low Speed), with a 230V/60Hz input. It is UL, CUL, and ETL certified, guaranteeing safety and reliability. The inclusion of a thermal protector from Texas Instruments and a copper winding motor ensures cooler operation and longevity. Additionally, this pump boasts a durable capacitor and Viton seal, making it resistant to high and low temperatures. With an anti-creep bearing, this pump is built to last.

UPC: 792855825906

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Dimensions 16.7 × 7.99 × 7.71 cm