La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R 2-Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine Red


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Elevate your coffee game with the La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R Commercial Espresso Machine. Craft perfect espressos with precision using its Volumetric features. This 2-Group machine with a 14L boiler capacity in striking red is a must-have for any coffee enthusiast or cafe.


Brand: La Pavoni

Color: Red


  • Programmable/Automatic Coffee Dosing
  • Manual Over-ride of All Functions
  • Dual Pressure Gauge Monitors Constant Group and Boiler Pressure
  • Electronic Automatic Water Level Control with Sight Glass
  • Water Softener to Reduce Hard Water is Included


The La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R 2-Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine in striking red is a top-of-the-line choice for coffee enthusiasts. With features like programmable coffee dosing, manual override functions, and dual pressure gauge monitoring, this machine offers precise control over your espresso-making process. The electronic automatic water level control and included water softener ensure optimal water quality for a perfect brew every time. Ideal for commercial use, this espresso machine boasts a generous 14L boiler water capacity, making it a reliable and efficient choice for any coffee shop or restaurant.

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