La Pavoni Professional 16 Cup Espresso Lever Machine Chrome Black


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Experience barista-level proficiency at home with the La Pavoni PBB-16 Professional espresso lever machine — complete with a generous 38-ounce boiler capacity for all-day brewing. This sturdy chrome and black base appliance is the ultimate statement in classic Italian design and outstanding performance. Elevate your daily coffee ritual with this elegant and reliable espresso maker.


Brand: La Pavoni

Color: Black


  • Makes One or Two Cups At A Time
  • Mounted Pressure Gauge
  • Internal Thermostat to Control Pressure
  • Nickel Plated, Solid Brass Boilers
  • Internal Re-Set Switch in Case of Overheating


The La Pavoni PBB-16 Professional 16 Cup Espresso Lever Machine is a sleek and efficient coffee maker designed to deliver a rich and authentic espresso experience. This machine, in chrome with a black base, boasts a 38-ounce boiler capacity and features include the ability to make one or two cups at a time, a mounted pressure gauge for precision, an internal thermostat for pressure control, and nickel-plated solid brass boilers for durability. With an internal re-set switch for overheating protection, this La Pavoni espresso machine is a reliable and stylish addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen.

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