Ñuke PUMA Outdoor Argentinian Grill Black


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Experience the ultimate grilling with the Nuke PUMA Outdoor Argentinian Grill. This high-quality grill combines traditional Argentinian cooking techniques with modern design, delivering unparalleled flavor and even heat distribution. Elevate your outdoor cooking game and impress your guests with this versatile and stylish grill.

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Brand: Ñuke

Color: Black


  • Simple operation
  • 474 sq. in. of main cooking area
  • Uses lump charcoal or wood
  • versatile grill uses coals from removable firebox for authentic grilling
  • can cook directly over wood-fire


The Nuke PUMA Puma Outdoor Argentinian Grill is an exceptional addition to any outdoor cooking setup. With its sleek black design and reliable brand, Ñuke, this grill is both stylish and high-quality. Its simple operation makes it easy for anyone to use, while its 474 sq. in. of main cooking area provides ample space for grilling your favorite meals. Whether you prefer the flavor of lump charcoal or wood, this versatile grill can accommodate both. The removable firebox allows for authentic grilling by using coals, and you also have the option to cook directly over a wood-fire. With its combination of functionality and versatility, the Nuke PUMA Puma Outdoor Argentinian Grill truly stands out in the world of outdoor cooking.

UPC: 051497260033

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