OASE Floating Fountain with Lights Black


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Transform your outdoor space with the OASE 45383 Floating Fountain. This powerful 1/4 Hp fountain comes with built-in lights, adding a stunning visual display to your pond or lake. Available in a sleek black design, this one-size fountain is the perfect choice for creating a captivating ambiance in any setting.

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Brand: OASE

Color: Black


  • Includes 3 Fountain head attachments, each with a unique and stunning water effect (trumpet, single tier, 3-Tier)
  • Three LED spotlights wonderfully illuminates the various water patterns
  • Max flow Rate 2300GPH
  • Power cable length: 50 ft. Max watts 130
  • Limited : 5 years (3 years base + 2 year extension upon product registration)


The OASE 45383 1/4 Hp Floating Fountain with Lights offers a stunning water display for your outdoor space. With its sleek black design, this floating fountain adds a touch of elegance to any pond or lake. The fountain comes with three fountain head attachments, each creating a unique and mesmerizing water effect, including a trumpet, single tier, and 3-tier pattern. The three LED spotlights beautifully illuminate the water patterns, creating a visually stunning display day or night. With a maximum flow rate of 2300GPH, this fountain is capable of creating a powerful and impressive water show. The 50 ft power cable provides flexibility in placement, while the 130 max watts ensure efficient operation. Plus, with a limited 5-year warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fountain is protected. Upgrade your outdoor space with the OASE 45383 1/4 Hp Floating Fountain with Lights.

UPC: 871980009334

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