Octane Seating Bolt XS400 Leather Home Theater Recliner Set Black


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Upgrade your home theater experience with the Octane Bolt XS400 Leather Recliner Set. This luxurious set of three theater recliners offers premium comfort and style for your entertainment space. Get ready to relax in the ultimate movie-watching luxury with Octane Seating.


Brand: Octane Seating

Color: Black


  • Excellent lumbar and head support
  • Includes accessory dock to add tray tables, phone holders, etc.
  • Space Saving design with incredible comfort
  • Gel infused memory foam in Seat core
  • PREMIUM high density foam for incredible long lasting comfort


Enhance your home theater experience with the Octane Seating Octane Bolt XS400 Leather Home Theater Recliner Set. This set of three black leather recliners by Octane Seating offers excellent lumbar and head support, ensuring optimal comfort during extended movie marathons. The space-saving design of these recliners doesn’t compromise on comfort, thanks to gel-infused memory foam in the seat core and premium high-density foam for long-lasting support. Additionally, the included accessory dock allows you to customize your recliners with tray tables, phone holders, and more, making this set a perfect addition to any entertainment room.

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Dimensions 89.5 × 39.5 × 44.0 cm