PreAsion Commercial Milk Frother 12L Steam Milk Frothing Machine Silver


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Elevate your beverage game with the PreAsion 220V Commercial Milk Frother. This 12L steam milk frothing machine doubles as a water boiler, perfect for tea and coffee shops, dessert shops, and hotels. With its multi-purpose design and LED display, get ready to create perfect milk foam for your drinks.


Brand: PreAsion

Color: Silver


  • ✅Material and parameter of Hot Water Dispenser: 304 food grade stainless steel;parameter of the water heater boiler machine – Voltage : 220V;Power:2000w Machine Size:10.2*17.3*23.6inch;Weight:15.2kg/33.5lbs;50hz;Water production: 15L/H;Water inlet pressure:100~400kpa;Single flow:2L
  • ✅Multi-purpose of commercial milk frother steam: Water boiling milk steam is a multi-purpose machine with the functions of water boiling machine, milk foam maker, steam engine and so on. Wide application of steam hot water heater1. milk foam 2. hot drinks 3. boiling water 4. hot teas . For Milk tea shop, cafe, canteen, cafeteria,Milk tea shop, cafe, canteen, cafeteria.
  • ✅High efficiency: The steam milk froth machine has two water outlets, which can supply coffee and milk froth at the same time, and the production efficiency is higher.
  • ✅Advantages : Automatic Electric Heating Steam Boiler with Microcomputer independent LCD display water boiler ,adopt full intelligent control,with the function of timing , fixed temperature, automatic cleaning, drainage, one key descaling, setting switch time.
  • ✅Energy saving : avoid non-working time wasted power ,reduce invalid working time by 50% compared with traditional water heater.Apply layer by layer heating technology,minimize heat loss,save more then 60% electricity than traditional water machine.
  • Please note that our plugs, due to the high power, each place has different plug requirements, you can change the plug according to your needs.


The PreAsion 220V Commercial Milk Frother 12L Steam Milk Frothing Machine is a versatile addition to any tea or coffee shop, dessert shop, or hotel. Made of durable 304 food grade stainless steel, this machine boasts a powerful 2000w motor and a spacious 12L capacity, perfect for high-volume use. With the ability to produce 15L of water per hour, this multi-purpose electric milk foam maker doubles as a water boiler, steam engine, and milk foam maker. Its high efficiency design includes two water outlets for simultaneous coffee and milk froth production, while its intelligent LCD display offers convenient features like timing, fixed temperature settings, automatic cleaning, and more. Plus, its energy-saving technology reduces electricity consumption by over 60% compared to traditional machines. Please note that plug adapters may be required based on your location.

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