Rio Pool Pump 2 HP Black


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Get ready for powerful and efficient pool circulation with the RIO Pool Pump. With a 2 HP motor and a flow rate of 4860 GPH, this self-priming pump ensures optimal performance. Its dual voltage capability and 2″ NPT fitting make installation a breeze. Say goodbye to debris with the built-in strainer basket. Get yours now in sleek black!

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Brand: Rio

Color: Black


  • POWERFUL PUMP: High-efficiency impeller and suitable impeller size create optimal water horsepower, maximize flow to 81 GPM/4860 GPH and reduces hydraulic noise, extremely quiet and efficient.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: Maximum head is up to 48 ft, compatible with swimming pools/spas of all types, including in-ground and above-ground pools/spas.
  • DETAIL INSIGHT: This pump has a removable extra-large filter basket, fine filter leaves, sundries, and other debris to ensure trouble-free operation, and easy to check the filter through the transparent sealing cover.
  • CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE: This pump added a running capacitor on the basis of the original motor, lower motor temperature, lower energy consumption, and longer life.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: The pump is designed with a compatible wire connection port, and the hot wire and neutral wire can be connected to any interface at will to avoid burn-in caused by switching voltage and ensure safety.


The RIO Pool Pump is a powerful and efficient solution for all your swimming pool needs. With a high-efficiency impeller and optimal impeller size, this pump maximizes water horsepower and reduces hydraulic noise, providing a quiet and efficient operation. It has a maximum flow rate of 4860 gallons per hour, ensuring fast and effective water circulation. Suitable for both in-ground and above-ground pools, this pump can handle various swimming pool and spa types. The removable extra-large filter basket ensures trouble-free operation by efficiently trapping fine filter leaves, sundries, and other debris. The transparent sealing cover allows for easy inspection of the filter. With the addition of a running capacitor, this pump offers consistent performance, lower energy consumption, and a longer motor life. The humanized design features a compatible wire connection port, ensuring safety by avoiding burn-in caused by switching voltage. Choose the RIO Pool Pump for a reliable and efficient water circulation system for your swimming pool or spa.

UPC: 616050359250

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