SPW Hunter I2C-800-M Metal Cabinet Timer 8-54 Zones I2C800M ICC2 Controller ICC ICC800M


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Maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system with the SPW Hunter I2C-800-M Metal Cabinet Timer. With the ability to control 8-54 zones, this ICC2 Controller brings convenience and precision to your gardening needs. Upgrade your irrigation system today with the ICC ICC800M for optimal results.

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Brand: SPW


  • Hunter I2C-800M Residential or Commercial Timer.
  • Comes with 8 Stations only but can expand up to 54 with OPTIONAL ICM modules (not included). Second picture for reference only showing fully loaded with optional modules for 54 zones.
  • Capable of running up to 4 independant programs with 8 Start times per program
  • 2 Simultaneous program operations. Max station runtime of 12 hours
  • Metal Cabinet.


The SPW Hunter I2C-800-M Metal Cabinet Timer is a versatile and reliable residential or commercial timer. With the ability to expand from 8 to 54 stations using optional ICM modules (not included), this timer provides flexibility for any irrigation system. It can run up to 4 independent programs with 8 start times per program, allowing for customized watering schedules. The metal cabinet ensures durability and protection, making it suitable for outdoor use. With simultaneous program operations and a maximum station runtime of 12 hours, this timer is a powerful and efficient solution for managing irrigation in any setting.

UPC: 746178855362