SPYPOINT 12V Trail Camera Power Kit with Solar Panel and Rechargeable Battery


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Maximize the potential of your trail camera with the SPYPOINT 12V Trail Camera Power Kit. This kit includes a SP-12V solar panel and KIT-12V external rechargeable battery, ensuring your camera stays powered in any environment. Capture continuous high-quality images with confidence and never miss a moment in the wilderness.

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  • Includes SpyPoint KIT-12V battery kit and SP-12V solar panel
  • Complete power needs solution
  • Will work all SpyPoint trail cameras
  • Complete power solution
  • Power KIT


The SPYPOINT 12V Trail Camera Power Kit is the ultimate power solution for your trail cameras. This kit includes the SPYPOINT KIT-12V battery kit and the SP-12V solar panel, providing you with a complete power needs solution. Compatible with all SPYPOINT trail cameras, this power kit ensures that your cameras will never run out of power, allowing you to capture wildlife in any remote location. With its reliable and efficient design, the SPYPOINT 12V Trail Camera Power Kit is the perfect addition to your outdoor surveillance setup.

UPC: 683318834637