TANG Sunshades Depot Beige Equilateral Triangle Sun Shade Sails


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Protect yourself from the sun with the TANG Sunshades Depot Triangle Sun Shade Sail. Made with a durable steel cable wire reinforcement, this beige shade sail is heavy duty and permeable, allowing for airflow while blocking 260GSM of U*V rays. Perfect for your patio, garden, deck, dock, or carport, this 23’x23’x23′ equilateral triangle shade sail provides reliable shade all day long.

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Brand: TANG

Color: Beige


  • Super Heavy Duty New Patent Design: Made of 260 GSM permeable extra heavy duty fabric, heavy duty stainless mounting rings, cable wires built-in edges, integrate into the mounting rings. All pulling strength goes to the cable wires, not only making the edges more durable. It also enhance the appearance of shade sail.
  • Breathable fabric results in significant temperature reduction underneath the sail, blocks up to 95% of U*V but allows cooling breezes and light to pass through for better airy and comfortable space, allows rains to pass through, so there’s no pooling water.
  • Installation Guide: Installation hardware Kits are required and Sold Separately, each A-ring will require one cable rope. Connect the other ends of cables to existing poles, trees or wall with shade sail hardware Kits, high quality TANG Sunshades Depot hardware Kits and cables are strongly recommended for Best performance and appearance.
  • Ideal for your deck in backyard, pool and pond, pergola, sandbox, driveway or other outdoor area to protect against 88% up to 95% U*V, and make your patio privacy safe, cool and fabulous.
  • Measurement & Warranty: Measurement is taken from A ring to A ring, leave 1 – 1.5 foot space for the hardware kit between shade sail A ring and mounting points, all edges are finished slightly curved so it can be stretched tightly, prevent middle from sagging. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.


The TANG Sunshades Depot A Ring Design Steel Cable Wire Reinforcement 23’x23’x23′ Equilateral Triangle Sun Shade Sails in Beige are a heavy-duty solution for providing shade and protection in your outdoor space. Made with a super heavy-duty 260 GSM permeable fabric, these sun shade sails are designed to block up to 95% of U*V rays while still allowing cooling breezes and light to pass through. The unique A-ring design features built-in cable wires for added durability and an enhanced appearance. Installation is made easy with the use of shade sail hardware kits and cables (sold separately), and the measurement is taken from A-ring to A-ring for a tight and secure fit. Whether you’re looking to protect your deck, pool area, or pergola, these sun shade sails offer privacy, safety, and a cool and fabulous outdoor space. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with TANG Sunshades Depot.

UPC: 735109318700

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