Tenax Ornex LM Bird Netting Black 14′ x 1,000′


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Protect your property from pesky birds with TENAX Ornex LM Bird Netting. Made from durable material, this black netting measures 14′ x 1,000′. Keep your outdoor spaces bird-free and enjoy peace of mind with this high-quality bird netting.

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Brand: Tenax

Color: Black


  • Economical solution to improve crop yield
  • Mesh size: . 79 in. x . 79 in.
  • UV treated, it keeps its features unaltered over time
  • Non-toxic, non-chemical & humane
  • Not harmful to birds, it simply prevents them from reaching fruits


The TENAX Ornex LM Bird Netting is an essential tool for protecting your crops and improving yield. This 14′ x 1,000′ black netting, manufactured by Tenax, offers an economical solution to prevent birds from accessing your fruits. With a mesh size of .79 in. x .79 in., the netting effectively blocks birds while allowing sunlight and air to reach your plants. The netting is UV treated, ensuring its durability and longevity. It is also non-toxic, non-chemical, and humane, making it a safe choice for both your crops and the environment. Safeguard your harvest with this high-quality bird netting from Tenax.

UPC: 010515617068

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Dimensions 12000.0 × 0.1 × 43.0 cm