TOJAGRID Double Wall Mount Pergola Kit with 2 Shade Sails Black


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Transform your outdoor space with our Double Wall Mount Pergola Kit. Designed to fit 4×4 wood posts, this kit includes 2 shade sails for added style and protection. Upgrade your patio or backyard with this spacious 10×20 pergola that provides both shade and elegance.

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Color: Black


  • TOJA GRID offers a modern approach to style & design along with affordability, quick assembly, and quality craftsmanship. Lumber and securing hardware are not included in any of our sets.
  • The modular pergola system is an assortment of brackets to be used with 4×4 (3.5”x3.5”) wood that is available at over 40,000 lumber suppliers in North America. Wood should be dry for installation, as freshly pressure treated or wet wood from outdoor storage may not fit until dried out. We suggest you take a bracket with you when purchasing lumber, slide it on the ends of the wood to ensure proper fit.
  • Metal brackets have a two-stage rust protection built from 14 gauge zinc coated steel then given a 10-year outdoor powder coating to truly protect the product for years.
  • This shade sail is built to last featuring 100% synthetic fabric blocking 85% of the UVA/UVB rays with an 8-year fade resistance rating. Will not mold or mildew and easy to wash and keep clean. The tension straps and buckles allow you to pull the shade tight and flat. After the initial install, the shade requires just a few minutes to put up/take down for winter and major storms. All hardware is included to attach to the lumber.
  • Included in the kit: 2x TRIO corner brackets, 6x SOLO base brackets, 1x QUAD extension brackets, 2x SHADE SAIL of chosen sizes, All screws & brackets to connect our parts to wood


The Double Wall Mount Pergola Kit with 2 Shade Sails for 4×4 Wood Posts (10×20) from TOJAGRID is a stylish and affordable solution for adding shade and elegance to your outdoor space. This kit features a modular pergola system that can be easily assembled using 4×4 wood posts, which are readily available from numerous lumber suppliers. The metal brackets are made from 14 gauge zinc coated steel and are protected with a 10-year outdoor powder coating, ensuring durability and resistance to rust. The included shade sails are made from 100% synthetic fabric, providing excellent UV protection and fade resistance. The kit includes all the necessary hardware to attach the shade sails to the lumber, making installation a breeze. Transform your outdoor area with this versatile and high-quality pergola kit. Please note that lumber and securing hardware are not included.

UPC: 628701001234

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Dimensions 4.0 × 4.0 × 12.0 cm