TOJAGRID Double Wall Mount Pergola with 2 Shade Sails Graphite


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Enhance your outdoor space with our Double Wall Mount Pergola featuring 2 Shade Sails. Perfectly designed for 6×6 wood posts, this 10×20 pergola provides ample shade and a stylish focal point for your patio or garden. Transform your backyard oasis and enjoy the ultimate relaxation and entertainment experience.

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Color: Graphite


  • Included: 2x TRIO corner brackets, 6x SOLO base brackets, 1x QUAD extension bracket, 2x SHADE SAILs, and 1-1/2” Pan Rob/Phil combo drive 304 S.S Wood screws with Black plastic head caps.
  • Lumber and anchoring hardware not included.
  • Our 6×6 brackets accommodate dressed lumber, commonly called 6×6’s at local building supplies. The actual measure is 5.5×5.5”.
  • Each bracket only requires 2 screws per each side/set of eight holes. Insert screws in holes closest to the wood.
  • We recommend taking a bracket with you when you purchase your wood to test fit.
  • Ensure lumber is fully inserted into the bracket cavity, resting on metal tabs for proper installation.


The Double Wall Mount Pergola with 2 Shade Sails is a stylish and practical addition to any outdoor space. Designed by TOJAGRID, this pergola is made from sturdy materials and comes in a sleek graphite color. It includes all the necessary components for easy installation, such as corner and base brackets, an extension bracket, shade sails, and screws. Please note that lumber and anchoring hardware are not included. The brackets are specifically designed to accommodate dressed lumber, commonly known as 6×6’s, with an actual measurement of 5.5×5.5 inches. With just two screws per side, installation is a breeze, and we recommend taking a bracket with you when purchasing your wood for a perfect fit. Ensure proper installation by fully inserting the lumber into the bracket cavity and resting it on the metal tabs. Transform your outdoor space with this durable and stylish pergola.

UPC: 628701001654

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