Tortuga Outdoor Sea Pines Patio Deck Storage Box (Dark Tortoise)

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Keep your patio organized and clutter-free with the Tortuga Outdoor Sea Pines Medium Patio Deck Storage Box. This versatile storage box is the perfect solution for storing patio cushions and other outdoor essentials. With its sleek design and durable construction, this dark tortoise storage box adds both style and function to your outdoor space. Get yours today and enjoy a tidy patio all year round.

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Brand: Tortuga Outdoor

Color: Tortoise


  • Synthetic resin all-weather wicker is stain, water, UV, crack and split resistant
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Reinforced waterproof lid and double weaved
  • Single weaved sides and nylon mesh bottom for air circulation and mold prevention
  • Great for storing cushions or outdoor items


The Tortuga Outdoor Sea Pines Medium Patio Deck Storage Box in Dark Tortoise is the perfect solution for keeping your patio cushions and outdoor items organized and protected. Made with synthetic resin all-weather wicker, this storage box is resistant to stains, water, UV rays, cracks, and splits. It features a reinforced waterproof lid and double weaving for added durability. The single-weaved sides and nylon mesh bottom allow for air circulation and prevent mold. With stainless steel hardware, this storage box is built to last. Keep your patio clutter-free with this stylish and functional storage box.

UPC: 848603098259