Trimatek Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer with Replaceable Grille and Triple Stainless Steel Blade Gray


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Get professional-level trimming results with the Trimatek Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer. Featuring a replaceable grille and triple stainless steel blade, this trimmer delivers precise cuts for your plants. Upgrade your trimming game and achieve the perfect finish with this high-quality tool.


Brand: Trimatek

Color: Gray


  • [Powerful Motor] The leaf trimmer equipped with more powerful motor 75-220W, more efficient and quiet
  • [Dynamic balanced fan blade cutter] The plant trimmer installed with dynamic well-balanced integrated stainless steel triple cutting sharp blades, bigger and stronger
  • [Replaceable grates] The leaf trimmer designed to come with replaceable grates which make trimming and cleaning more easier with quick release replaceable grates, save your cleaning time for trimming, just exchange it
  • [Prices trimming] The leaf trimmer with steel wire structure grates for closer contact and precise cutting
  • [Fit for various size of plant] The leaf trimmer comes with 2 pieces of grilles(8mm/0.35inch and 11mm/0.43inc), fit any sizes of plants, ONE machine works as efficient as TWO
  • [More safer] The bud trimmmer with auto-shut off switch when cutting box is openned
  • [Stepless speed controller] The leaf trimmer installed with precise and quiet stepless speed controller to tune your trimming speed
  • [Easy for transportation and storage] The Leaf trimmer comes with easy setup and foldaway design as well as carrybag for convenient transport and storage
  • [Stable working] The leaf trimmer is extra sturdy stands for working stability
  • [Good protection for plants] FLowers are protected by a retrieval system from the trimming machine


The Trimatek Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer is a powerful and efficient tool for trimming plants. With its more powerful motor, ranging from 75-220W, it provides a quiet and efficient trimming experience. The trimmer is equipped with dynamic balanced fan blade cutters, featuring integrated stainless steel triple cutting sharp blades that are bigger and stronger. The replaceable grates make trimming and cleaning easier, allowing for quick release and saving you time. The steel wire structure grates ensure closer contact and precise cutting, making it suitable for plants of various sizes. With an auto-shut off switch and stepless speed controller, this trimmer provides safety and precision. Its easy setup, foldaway design, and carry bag make it convenient for transportation and storage. Additionally, the trimmer’s sturdy stands ensure stability during operation, and its retrieval system protects the flowers being trimmed. Upgrade your plant trimming experience with the Trimatek Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer.

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