TXMACHINE Lawn Mowers 4-Blade Dry and Wet Hay Cutter Chaff Cutter Forage Crop Crusher Corn Straw Feed Processing Machine 2.2KW with Conveyor Belt Green


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Upgrade your lawn mower with the TXMACHINE 4-blade cutter! This versatile machine is perfect for cutting dry and wet hay, chaff, forage crops, and even crushing corn straw. With a powerful 2.2KW motor and a convenient conveyor belt, this green-colored machine is a must-have for efficient feed processing. Get yours now!



Color: green color


  • [Suitable for]: Pennisetum hydridum, corn straw, rice straw, elephant grass, wheat straw, sugarcane head, Sweet potato vine, Bean Stalk and so on.
  • [Thickened and hardened blade]: High quality blade
  • [Automatic feeding of conveyor belt]: feed fast,high efficiency,881.8lb-1763.6lb/400-800kg/h
  • [Variable speed gear]:high efficiency and strong
  • [Package included]: 1 * hay cutter machine,1*motor,2* Motor belt,1*Motor pulley,1 * gloves
  • [Guarantee and Shipment]
    we supply 12 months guarantee.
    we would ship the machine in 4 days.
    we would ship it by air/express shipping which takes only 4-6 days for delivering.
  • [Enlarge Hardening Speed control gear]:The speed of gear speed regulation can achieve the effect of cutting grass with different length
  • With automatic feed port and discharge outlet
  • [Advantage]: 1). Easy to install ,,2). Fast work efficiency, saving time and effort
  • Number of blades: 4 blades


The TXMACHINE Lawn Mower is a powerful and efficient tool for cutting dry and wet hay, chaff, and forage crops. With its 4-blade design and thickened, hardened blades, it delivers high-quality cutting performance. The automatic feeding conveyor belt ensures fast and efficient feeding, with a capacity of 881.8lb-1763.6lb/400-800kg/h. The variable speed gear allows for high efficiency and strong cutting power. This package includes the hay cutter machine, along with a motor, motor belt, motor pulley, and gloves. With easy installation and fast work efficiency, this lawn mower saves both time and effort. The green color adds a touch of style to your cutting tasks. With a 12-month guarantee and quick shipping, you can trust the TXMACHINE Lawn Mower for all your cutting needs.

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Dimensions 16.9 × 31.49 × 9.8 cm