UHYGSPRO 16inch Electric Bud Trimmer – Wet/Dry Desktop Leaf Trimmer Machine – Visual Cutting – Outlet Port – Silicone Tray – Twisted Spin Cut – Plant Leaf & Flower


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Experience effortless trimming with the UHYGSPRO 16inch Electric Bud Trimmer. This desktop machine offers both wet and dry trimming options, ensuring versatility for all your trimming needs. With its visual cutting feature, outlet port, and convenient silicone tray, this trimmer is perfect for achieving precision cuts on plant leaves and flowers. Get the best results in no time with this powerful and efficient bud trimmer.

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  • Wet or Dry Trimming: The Bud Trimmer quickly gets rid of unwanted leaves from plants,Suitable for different plant strains,sizes,wet and dry products
  • Energy Efficient & Time Saver: The electric bud trimmer with 20-speed gearbox is driven by a powerful brush-less motor to achieve high-speed cutting,Support forward and reverse dialing and cutting materials,When the machine is working, the transparent Acrylic Lid can be opened to feed the material,Featured with Outlet Port for easy empty out trimmed plants from the bud trimmer machine with effortless,No touching of the final product needed at all, better saving labor and time
  • Visual Cutting: The bud trimmer machine come with highly transparent Acrylic Lid ensures full visibility for precise trimming, The silicone finger of this bud leaf trimming machine is made from food-grade rubber strips, which can handle plants efficiently with delicate care and minimize rest adhesion during use, It’s very safe and no flower damaged
  • Easy to Use: Move away dry trimming grate for wet leaf trimming and insert dry trimming grate for dry plant leaves grinding and trimming, The bud trimmers come with adjustable cutting blades, it will cut all size of leaf trimming needed
  • Heavy Duty and Durability: The auto bud trimmer made of stainless steel, Core components have been tested and verified, Equipped with large non-slips and stain-resistant silicone tray to collect the chopped leaves


The UHYGSPRO 16inch Electric Bud Trimmer is a versatile and efficient tool for quickly removing unwanted leaves from plants. Whether you’re working with wet or dry products, this bud trimmer is suitable for different plant strains and sizes. With its energy-efficient 20-speed gearbox and powerful brush-less motor, it saves you time and effort by achieving high-speed cutting. The transparent Acrylic Lid allows for easy feeding of materials, and the Outlet Port makes emptying out trimmed plants effortless. The highly transparent lid also ensures full visibility for precise trimming, while the food-grade rubber strips of the silicone finger handle plants with delicate care, minimizing rest adhesion and preventing flower damage. Easy to use and adjustable cutting blades accommodate all sizes of leaf trimming needed. Made of stainless steel, this bud trimmer is heavy-duty and built to last, with core components tested and verified for durability. The large non-slip silicone tray collects the chopped leaves, making clean-up a breeze. Upgrade your trimming process with the UHYGSPRO 16inch Electric Bud Trimmer.

UPC: 796520760615

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