Unicel C-7470 (4 Pack) Swimming Pool Filter Replacement


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Keep your swimming pool clean and clear with the Unicel C-7470 Replacement Pool Filter. This convenient 4-pack ensures you always have a fresh filter on hand. Experience crystal clear water with this high-quality replacement filter for your pool.

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Brand: Unicel


  • Diameter: 7-inch; length: 20-inch
  • Top end cap: open, 3 0/0-inch inner diameter; bottom end cap: open, 3 0/0-inch inner diameter
  • Pleat count: 170; filter media: 4-ounce reemay 2040; filter area: 80 square feet
  • Get more efficient filtration and better water clarity with Unicel filters
  • Longer time between cleanings; meets oem specifications


The Unicel C-7470 (4 Pack) Replacement Swimming Pool Filter is designed to provide more efficient filtration and better water clarity for your swimming pool. With a diameter of 7 inches and a length of 20 inches, this filter offers a pleat count of 170 and a filter area of 80 square feet. It features a 4-ounce Reemay 2040 filter media and meets OEM specifications, ensuring optimal performance. The top and bottom end caps are open, with a 3 0/0-inch inner diameter. With these high-quality filters, you can enjoy longer time between cleanings and maintain a crystal-clear pool all summer long.

UPC: 924644152768

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