UPDAYDAY LED Grow Light S10000 Osram Diodes White


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Maximize plant growth with the UPDAYDAY LED Grow Light. Featuring Osram Diodes and 8 light bars, this lamp provides a full spectrum of light, including HPS CMH MH Sunlike. With dimmable settings and a coverage area of 6x6ft, it’s perfect for indoor plants and greenhouse tents.



Color: White


  • Uses 4800 LEDs,The strip-shaped light bar design can provide more uniform coverage,Use OSRAM Leds Built-in 15 spectra , Can adjust the ratio of red and blue light according to your preferences, suit full-cycle hydroponic, soil, tent,room growing
  • 15 FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT : Built-in 15 spectra, including 3Flower spectra, 6VEG spectra and 6BLOOM spectra.can adjust the spectrum suit for the plants growth states.Adjust the knob to 1 is the solar spectrum, 3 is the MH spectrum, 11 is the CMH spectrum, and 15 is the HPS spectrum
  • NOISLESS FAN FREE AND ADJUSTABLE ILLUMINATION ANGLE:New designed aluminum material quickly disperses heat without a noisy fan. Side light bar is adjustable up and bottom to 30° illumination angle, so that plants can get light form multiple angles
  • DIMMABLE & SYNCHRONIZATION:Rotate dimming button easily to adjust the brightness15%-100%, commercial users will enjoy the easy connection to 30 lights that can be controlled simultaneously using one master light. perfectly suit full-cycle hydroponic, soil, tent,room growing
  • High Efficiency & Lower Cost: The UPDAYDYA S10000 LED grow light boast the market-leading efficiency 2.9 µmol/J, The energy consumption is 1000 watts, perfect for 5x5ft grow tent/ grow room,Max coverage 6x6ft.works on both 120VAC and 240VAC and 277VAC, 2-years worry-free warranty


The UPDAYDAY LED Grow Light S10000 is a powerful and efficient lighting solution for indoor plants and greenhouse tents. With its 4800 LEDs and strip-shaped light bar design, it provides uniform coverage for your plants. The light features 15 built-in spectra, including flower, veg, and bloom spectra, allowing you to adjust the spectrum to suit your plants’ growth stages. The aluminum material dissipates heat without the need for a noisy fan, and the side light bar is adjustable for multiple angles of illumination. With dimmable and synchronization capabilities, you can easily adjust the brightness and connect multiple lights for synchronized control. The S10000 LED grow light is highly efficient, with a market-leading efficiency of 2.9 µmol/J, and it works on both 120VAC and 240VAC and 277VAC. With a 2-year worry-free warranty, it is a reliable choice for your indoor gardening needs.

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