US Motors AVSS15 | 1.5HP Affinity® Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump Replacement Motor – 56Y Frame Square Flange


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Upgrade your swimming pool pump with the high-performance US Motors AVSS15. This 1.5HP Affinity® Variable Speed motor is specially designed for pool applications and offers superior efficiency and reliability. Say goodbye to outdated pumps and enjoy a cleaner and more energy-efficient pool.

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Brand: US Motors


  • 1.5 HP Variable Speed | 2.40 THP
  • 230 Volt, 10.0 SF Amps, 1.60 Service Factor, 60hz
  • Full Variable Speed (1035-3450 RPM), 56Y Frame; ECM Design
  • Features Total Enclosed Fan Cooling, programmable user interface and freeze sensor
  • California Title 20 Compliant & 2021 New DOE Regulations


The US Motors AVSS15 1.5HP Affinity® Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump Replacement Motor is a high-quality motor designed to provide efficient and reliable performance. With its 1.5HP variable speed and 2.40 THP power, this motor offers the versatility to adjust the speed according to your pool’s needs. It operates at 230 volts and 10.0 SF Amps, with a 1.60 service factor and 60hz frequency. The motor features a full variable speed range from 1035 to 3450 RPM, making it suitable for various pool applications. The 56Y frame and square flange design ensure easy installation and compatibility with existing pool systems. With its ECM design, the motor incorporates total enclosed fan cooling, ensuring optimal temperature regulation and longevity. The programmable user interface allows for convenient control and customization, while the freeze sensor provides added safety. Furthermore, this motor is California Title 20 compliant and meets the 2021 New DOE regulations, making it an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly choice. Upgrade your pool pump motor with the US Motors AVSS15 for enhanced performance and energy savings.

UPC: 786382120139

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