VEVOR Compost Tumbler Silver 400L / 106 Gal Stainless Steel Dual-Chamber Garden Composter


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Maximize your composting efforts with the VEVOR Compost Tumbler. This rustproof stainless steel dual-chamber garden composter is heavy-duty and designed to work all year round. With a 400L / 106 Gal capacity, it’s perfect for composting both kitchen and yard waste quickly and efficiently.


Brand: VEVOR

Color: Silver


  • Long-lasting Durability: Plastic bins are easy to deform, rot, and may produce unclean substances under high temperatures. Therefore, we used sturdy 304 stainless steel to give our compost bin high resistance against deformation, rust, and provide it with corrosion-resistance. What’s more, stainless steel means non-harmful.
  • Abundant Storage Space: The two large chambers can hold at least 106 gallons / 400 liters of kitchen & yard waste, thus, this makes sure that the whole family can use it, and you get abundant compost. Installation size: 44.7″ long, 31.3″ wide and 48.6″ tall.
  • Constant Composting: It takes a constant supply of compost to grow a beautiful garden full of vibrant plants, and our compost tumbler does just that. With two compartments, it ensures faster and more efficient composting—as one chamber is being filled, the compost in the other will have matured.
  • Quick and Efficient: The insulated material we adopted will produce high temperatures inside the chambers, and the side air vents allow a flow of air into the tumbler. This design can help create a successful composting in 4-6 weeks, even sooner in hot weather.
  • Easy Rotation: With the large ergonomic handles equipped on the side, you can easily turn this outdoor composting tumbler 360 degrees. This characteristic helps you save a lot of effort, as you no longer have to mix or unload by hand.


The VEVOR Compost Tumbler is a heavy-duty and all-season outdoor compost bin that provides a fast-working system for composting kitchen and yard waste. Made with rustproof stainless steel, this dual-chamber garden composter offers long-lasting durability and high resistance against deformation and rust. With a generous storage capacity of 400 liters, this compost tumbler ensures an abundant supply of compost for the whole family. Its constant composting feature allows for faster and more efficient composting, while the insulated material and side air vents create high temperatures inside the chambers, resulting in successful composting in just 4-6 weeks. The large ergonomic handles make it easy to rotate the tumbler 360 degrees, saving you time and effort. Upgrade your gardening game with this reliable and efficient compost tumbler from VEVOR.

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